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John Dodd

John has lead responsibility for the Wickland Westcott search business with functional expertise across the public sector, focusing primarily on the Education, Central Government and Not for Profit markets. John has worked extensively across Whitehall, industry and academia throughout his career, establishing a number of start-up organisations, whilst helping to commercialise agencies and support the ongoing transformation agenda across Education. Much of this work has seen him recruiting to a host of high profile Non-Executive and Executive leadership positions from Chairs and Chief Executives, through to finance and operational leaders, as well as other high level commercially orientated posts. John has always specialised in attracting private sector talent into the public sector, to complement, lead and transform organisations, to meet the public sector’s changing financial landscape whilst facilitating successful candidate integration.

John’s role is further underpinned by his thought leadership work, supporting specific sectors to facilitate change whilst addressing pressing market issues from an independent standpoint.


Golf, Football, Reading (biographies and mountaineering) and family.

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