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Hamish Mackay-Lewis



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Hamish Mackay-Lewis

Hamish is a Consultant in the London office. He designs and delivers talent assignments including Executive Team events, senior management assessments and leadership development initiatives.

He started his career as an officer in the British Army for seven years, fulfilling a variety of roles and completing two operational tours. Upon leaving the Army, to broaden his horizons he completed an International MBA at IE Business School in Madrid. After this, he joined the Richard Chandler Corporation, a private investment firm based in Singapore. He worked in emerging markets including India and the Philippines, where he helped create start-up businesses in several sectors including healthcare and education. Before joining Wickland Westcott, Hamish was working in a business development role for a fast growing technology firm in the UK.

He has an MA from the University of Edinburgh and speaks Spanish. He is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.


Running, paragliding, hill walking, photography, travel

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