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BPI is a French based global consulting business, with offices throughout the country.  Globally, it operates through a network of wholly owned businesses, franchisees and partners.  Its footprint is extensive, covering most countries in Europe, a large business in the US, as well as significant coverage in the Far East.  It has a wide range of capabilities some of which are illustrated below:

  • Organisational Transformation – Implementation of Change Programmes, Outplacement, Communication Plans
  • Performance and Innovation Programmes – Change Management Consulting, Intercultural Management Programmes 
  • Talent Management – Executive Search, Coaching, Assessment and Succession Planning 

Most partners have a wide range of these capabilities.  As a partner, Wickland Westcott delivers work for the UK clients of BPI.  We also draw on the extensive resources of BPI to deliver projects across the globe.  There is a strong spirit of collaboration within the business, and to ensure the smooth delivery of international assignments BPI holds regular face-to-face meetings, teleconferences and project updates.

Critically, the scale of BPI enables it to support rigorous and detailed research activity and to develop specific tools and methodologies, a powerful resource which Wickland Westcott is able to draw upon. For example, BPI has carried out a fascinating global survey looking at work-engagement across many different countries, and the results of this reseach are extremely useful, especially when working cross-culturally.

Our partner status with BPI allows us to deliver globally the quality of service for which we are known.