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Building a Team for the Future

SIS logoSatellite Information Services (SIS) incorporates SIS Betting, a world leading supplier of content, programming, facilities and technology to the betting industry, and SIS LIVE, a leading supplier of satellite and broadcast products and services, including the largest uplink fleet in Europe. Following a period of substantial change within the business, Mike Whittaker (Chief Technology Officer) asked Wickland Westcott to support him to further strengthen the performance and cohesiveness of his top team. Specifically, the requirement was to achieve the following outcomes:

  • To elevate the level of understanding individuals have of each other, and provide a greater appreciation of each others’ strengths and development areas;
  • To strengthen the relationships between individuals working across multiple sites, (several of whom had never met each other in person);
  • To provide techniques and understanding to develop participants’ own personal leadership capability, and also the capability within their teams
  • To discuss the future direction of the business and explore what this means for the team as a whole, and for them as individuals; and
  • To provide practical tools to enable individuals to become more proactive partners in the business.

Wickland Westcott worked with Mike to develop a two day team event. We suggested a programme that would include a blend of taught input, small and whole group discussions, interactive challenges/games to illustrate team dynamics, and practical planning sessions where the focus was on how the learning would be translated back at the workplace. We spoke to each member prior to the event, in order to gain a richer understanding of the dynamics existing within the team. This helped to put people at ease, as several had not attended such an event before and were unsure about what it would involve. We also asked each member of the team to complete the ‘Team Performance Indicator’, our in-house team performance diagnostic. Throughout the design and delivery of the event, our focus was on providing participants with thought provoking, challenging, yet fun sessions which would empower them to increase their capability and strengthen their own teams. The event concluded with team members making public commitments to actions that they would take immediately following the event, many of which happened the very next day.

"Before the event, there was a strong sense of function but little  sense of team within the senior technology group and they had a limited understanding of personality types and team performance. Already since the event (three days) there is a noticeable difference in communication and reaching out to each other. Definitely value for money". Mike Whittaker, Chief Technology Officer, SIS.