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Leadership Asset Management

London skylineMarathon Asset Management LLP, one of London’s leading independent investment management companies, applies a unique investment philosophy to identify businesses that will outperform the market and deliver long term returns to clients. Internally, Marathon takes the development of their own leaders very seriously, supporting key staff with targeted development and coaching.

When looking to maximise the value gained from executive coaching, Marathon approached Wickland Westcott. They were particularly keen to ensure that coach and coachee shared a clear understanding of the most relevant development priorities. The business was therefore looking for an objective and accurate assessment process to provide a focus to future coaching conversations. Marathon wanted a simple but effective tool that could be implemented seamlessly within existing coaching and development activities.

The solution was our unique online Director 360 feedback process, underpinned by a package of personality questionnaires. By combining self perception data with feedback from others, and also integrating personality profiling within a detailed (3.5 hour) feedback session, this process provided an in-depth assessment that revealed key strengths and weaknesses along with the underlying causes and contributory factors.

The Director 360 process is based on Wickland Westcott’s bespoke leadership model, which includes Director level behavioural items clustered under ten core competencies. During the feedback session the data was explored to identify a range of highly relevant and personalised topics to be discussed in future coaching sessions.

Feedback on the process from a participant perspective highlighted the value of Wickland Westcott’s experienced, qualified coaches: "John combined his understanding of the tools used with his experience in working with other senior leaders to draw out some subtle but important insights into a number of behavioural traits, which has greatly helped me identify and prioritise areas for development for the remainder of my professional coaching program".